6 Pubic Hair Myths It’s Time You Stopped Thinking

pubic hair myths

Myths are born where there’s absence of awareness. Your vaginal area and the pubic hair around it are ideal victims of such misconceptions. That’s because, for thousands of years, individuals preferred to talk about this only behind closed doors. Let us stop fueling these misconceptions by throwing some light on the realities. After all, I am discussing our own body part and not about some far off world. Here’s a list of the most believed pubic hair myths and why you should stop believing them right away.

1. It Is A Put-Off To Have Actually A Completely Grown Bush Down There

Did a guy state that to you? Use your trousers now and get the hell out of the space. Removing your pubic hair, letting them grow, or getting rid of the hair and wearing a wig as the Victorians did – it is YOUR choice and not HIS. It’s those young boys in their teens who consider dating ladies with a shaved pubis and consider bush a complete turn-off. You are missing so much, guys! That demonstrates how much they have actually contributed to the traffic of the porn websites. While the preference is subjective, do not turn to removing the pubic hair for the sole reason that your partner believes it is a turn-off. Nothing is a larger turn-off than such a stereotyped attitude. If you agree with that and desire to shave it off, it is between the two of you. Likewise, pubes, in fact, make it more raw and erotic, if that is how you desire it to be.

2. Pubic Hair Decreases Enjoyment Throughout Sexual Intercourse

Although some females feel going hairless makes them reach the peak easily, there’s something useful about the pubic hair there. Some females say that it is even more enjoyable when they let their pubic hair be since there’s lot more activity that’s done to cause the correct amount of stimulation. To connect the delicate skin underneath, your partner will need to do quite a bit of groping which only stimulates you more instead of decreasing the pleasure.

3. Removing Pubes Is Essential For Vaginal Health

If this is exactly what you believe, then, let me inform you, by removing your pubic hair you are just making yourself more vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections (1 ). When you eliminate them, you are hampering with the protective nature of your pubes. You cause tiny injuries when you eliminate hair down there by shaving. This only increases the threat of infections and nullifies your argument that removing pubic hair is essential to maintain an excellent vaginal hygiene.

pubic hair shaving myths

4. The Pube Color Is The Same As The Hair On The Scalp

Hair color is decided by the amount of melanin produced. More often than not, melanin production is somewhat more in the pubic location, and for this reason the hair is darker there.

5. You Can’t Enjoy Foreplay If There is Hair There

Like for the normal sexual intercourse, there is no limitation brought on by the pubic hair if your partner wishes to indulge in foreplay. The foreplay simply becomes more imaginative, fun, and beyond that, more intimate when you just go with being natural. It has actually been said time, and again that pubic hair traps the provocative scents within them and just drive your partner insane with the odor they produce. The scent is mild, and it certainly smells like a vaginal area, however, then that’ s what intimacy is all about, isn’ t it? If you want it to smell like roses, that’ s what gardens are for. Vaginal areas are for something beyond that!

6. Pubic Hair Suggests Fertility

Blah! People develop random stuff. It is not their fault. We believe them all and for this reason is our fault. Some guys in China don’ t marry females who shave their pubic hair off (or probably, at one time didn’ t marry) since they consider this to be an indication of infertility. I can imagine where this report discovered its base, though. The development of pubic hair starts at puberty, the time when a girl reveals her first sign of having the ability to reproduce. This is simply a secondary sexual characteristic that suggests the onset of the age of puberty. Shaving it off will in no method affect your fertility nor does it render you infertile.

While people continue to have their opinions, you can decide on your own whether or not to shave your pubes off!

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