Can Virgins Use Menstrual Cups?

Is It Safe For Virgins To Use Menstrual Cups

The quick answer is – Yes! Regardless of sexual activity if you’re old adequate to menstruate then you can utilize a menstrual cup. ‘Popping your cherry’ might be the cutest method to describe losing your virginity, but it likewise provides to the problematic idea that there is something to be ‘popped’. Outside of the numerous mistaken beliefs, it produces about anatomy and sex, this phrase also results in a great deal of confusion about what period protection virgins can and can not utilize. Fortunately for any prospective cup users out there, while you might not have had sex, you do not have to avoid utilizing a menstrual cup. With a little perseverance and a little prep, you can be a cup pro in no time.

What does virginity even imply?

Before we go into the fundamentals of using a menstrual cup as a virgin, we should point out that virginity can be a divisive term. Only you can decide when you have lost your virginity and exactly what this word means to you – no matter the gender of your partner or the type of sex you’re having. For the functions of talking about cups and virginity in this post, we will be referring to penetrative intercourse.

Is It Safe For Virgins To Use Menstrual Cups

How does a menstrual cup work?

A menstrual cup is a small reusable cup that you place in the vaginal area throughout your period to gather menstrual fluid. Cups don’t have any of the chemicals or annoying fibers that tampons do, and you will not find yourself rushing to the purchase tampons – one cup can last for as much as 10 years. The Lily Cup range is made of the smoothest medical grade silicone, and is available in different designs and sizes – so you can get the best cup for you.


Will using a menstrual cup damage my hymen?

By the time you begin menstruating your hymen generally has holes already, and in numerous cases, it is almost gone. This means that using a cup ought to have extremely little effect on your hymen, and in a lot of cases, should not affect you at all. If you think you may have an intact hymen, or if you have any concerns or issues at all, make sure to talk with your physician prior to you start utilizing a cup.

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Am I too little for a menstrual cup?

Normally speaking, height and weight have no effect on the size of your vagina. Lots of tall women utilize little cups and numerous smaller women utilize larger cups. For teenagers and virgins, we often advise smaller sized cups because cups like this tend to be easier to manage and place for first-timers.

A more vital factor to consider is the position of your cervix. The cervix is where menstrual fluid flows from the uterus to the vaginal canal, and assists determine for how long your vaginal canal is.

Anxiety = tense vaginal muscles, and if you’re unsure about using your cup, this might make things a little uncomfortable. The very first time you place a menstrual cup it’s important to take your time and relax – the more you get to know your body the much easier it will be to do

How to place a menstrual cup for the first time

Are you stressed about inserting a cup for the very first time? – Do not be! It takes most women a little time to get the hang of a new cup – virgin or not. Make certain you’ve brushed up on your female anatomy so you’ll understand exactly where your cup is going. Invest in a high quality, pH balanced individual moisturizer to assist move your cup in a bit more conveniently, and most importantly – relax. It’s perfectly normal to be a little nervous, but simply take a deep breath and get comfortable. Take a look at our quick start guide for a more in-depth guide on cup insertion, and once again – if you have any concerns, do talk with your physician.

It’s up to you!

Some people have had sex, some individuals haven’t, however, normally speaking – if you have a period, you can utilize a menstrual cup. If you want to utilize a menstrual cup, then, by all means, go for it!


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